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  Who are the Knights Of Kindness


  Save money on hotel rooms

  ABUSE   Laws, shelters and organizations   HOTLINES   Emergency and non emergency


  It's never to late to start over   HUMOR   BaddTeddy and Stevie Weevie


  Adoption an finding birth parents

  INSURANCE   How to fight insurance companies
  AIRLINES   Save money on airline tickets   LAW   Laws and law enforcement
  ANXIETY   Panic attacks   MAPS   Online maps to anywhere
  APARTMENTS   Find an apartment   MEDIA   Magazines, newspapers, TV
  AUCTIONS   Auctions around the world   MEDICAL   The best medical websites
  BUSES   Save money on bus tickets   MEDICINE   Free medications for the poor
  CARS   Save money on cars   MISSING KIDS   Bring the children home
  CAR RENTAL   Save money on rental cars   MOVIES   Rent a movie or go see one
  COPYRIGHTS   How to protect what you create   PETS   How to keep kitty happy
  COMPUTER   Computer tutorials   PUBLIC ASSISTANCE   For those living on the edge
  DENTAL   Dentists and dental problems   ROOMMATES   Find a roommate
  DEPRESSION   Help is available   SAVE MONEY   All kinds of money saving info
  DISABILITY   Laws, services and organizations    
  DIVORCE   Advice to help your children   SENIORS   Resources, medications...
  EDUCATION   Scholarships, schools, classes   SPECIAL EDUCATION   Tools, news, organizations
  EMAIL LAWS   What's legal and what isn't   STALKERS   How to put stalkers in jail
  EMOTIONS   Anxiety, depression, grief...   STORIES   Stories by BaddTeddy
  ENTERTAINMENT   Books, magazines, movies, TV   STORMS   What to do when a storm hits
  GENEALOGY   Learn your family's history   TELEPHONE   Find any telephone number
  GOVERNMENT   Email, Fax, phone and more   TRAINS   Save money on train tickets
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    TV GUIDE   What's on TV tonight?
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